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QwadSteer Goal-post wheelchair joystick!

QwadSteer Goal-post wheelchair joystick!

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Introducing the "Goal Post" Design by Qwadsqwad - the innovative and ergonomic joystick crafted to elevate your power wheelchair experience. As a quadriplegic who understands the significance of a reliable joystick, I've designed this model to prioritize comfort and efficiency.

The "Goal Post" joystick offers a unique and customizable design , Compatible with most general joysticks, including Permobil wheelchairs, it ensures a seamless fit. For those with specific requirements, I gladly create custom joysticks upon request.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the "Goal Post" joystick is available in a spectrum of vibrant colors or can be printed in a rubbery TPU material for enhanced grip and comfort. Bid farewell to discomfort and welcome a joyous and smooth driving experience with the "Goal Post" joystick.

As a quadriplegic who relies on my power wheelchair daily, I understand the significance of a well-crafted joystick. The "Goal Post" design aims to offer comfort and precision, transforming your mobility journey. There's two designs with finger notches or if you have super sensitive fingers, without finger notches

also just so you know TPU is a rubber material which gives more grip and is a little bit softer on your hand but it's a little bit more expensive

To order, please send me a message with your order number via the contact page, along with your wheelchair model and joystick pin measurements. I'm here to ensure your driving experience reaches new heights with the Qwadsqwad "Goal Post" Design. Take control and elevate your mobility today!  #WheelchairJoystick #Customizable #ErgonomicComfort

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