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Grip for EATER-ATOR Utensil holder

Grip for EATER-ATOR Utensil holder

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This is an accessory to go along with the 90° Angled utensil holder, the utensil holder was originally designed to work with the Qwuff designer Hand cuff, but then I came up with this idea for people that have better dexterity and grip, and could really benefit from the angled utensil holder

which the other big benefit is similar to the utensils with the big black grip handle on it , and instead of having three or four different utensils, ultimately tripling the costs. You just need the one utensil holder and one of these grips and you’ve got a set up that works at all situations.

Check out my YouTube video going into detail about these three products :

accessories in pictures not sold with item, find those at the links below buy any three use discount code, utensilassistance for 20% off (QWUFF, EATER-ATOR, GRIP)



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